Thursday, March 29, 2012

So...then there were 3

On the 14th March 2012, 2 weeks overdue, the contractions finally began...

...and before long it was time for us to meet our baby...
...a little boy who is just perfect!
Since then his life has been filled with new experiences and lots of kisses
We've had massages in the sun, which we loved
We had our first bath...
...safely in dad's gentle hands
We've met our brother and sister who are infatuated!
Not to mention grandparents!

We’ve all been waiting for you.
For you.

Your arrival has been marked, has been recorded

on earth,

in the universe,

in the galaxies,

in all of space,

in all of time.

You come with a birthright, written in love and sung
through all Creation in words which promise
that no matter where you’re at,
you’re home
that no matter who you’re with,
you’re welcome
that no matter who you are,
you’re loved.

~ Rita Ramsey

Saturday, March 10, 2012

So...Knights & Princesses

This past week I had one handsome knight begging me for a shield so he could rescue his princess from the tower...aka the loft...and of course no princess could qualify without a 10 minutes, a bit of cardboard and some tinfoil and VOILA, I present to you Sir Bear & Princess Evie!
P.S. - the princesses outfit was specifically selected by the knight so she would look royal enough
Besides fantasy & role play, design and construction is still a daily occurrence
And the littlest person is getting involved and demanding photos of her creations too!
And this is what overdue looks like......we're ready baby!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

So...Once upon a time there were 2...

...little rascals reading books on the couch while munching on a mid morning snack. A rather fun book too, one on tadpoles and frogs that our Evie got for her birthday!
I'm so grateful we get to spend our days like this, especially when I hear my friends talk about the school run!

And of course the obligatory "say cheese" faces
But it won't be just two for much longer...