Friday, July 3, 2015

So...Catching up with the Kids - Part 2

We've had some lovely outings recently, we did a trip up into the midlands where we explored a treasure trove of a store before heading off to make some candles (very useful with our load shedding) and then having a lovely lunch

 We did a couple trips down to the beach, the weather is just perfect this time of year.

 Surveying their kingdom!

Dad made his famous thai green chicken curry for Sunday lunch

 Taking a bunny for a walk
 We met some friends at a farmyard where Evie got to do one of her favourite things

Thursday, July 2, 2015

So...Catching up with the Kids - Part 1

They are so great with their baby sister <3

 Who is everywhere and getting into everything these days
 We went for a walk past the tree which took out our electricity a while ago, Bear was obviously very impressed.
 Evie had a friend visit for a few days and had so much fun playing with her
I finished knitting her scarf and she asked for photos in the garden, location her choice and her brother followed along

 She also had fun weaving a blanket for one of her dolls

 There has been babywearing
 And I was spoiled for Mothers Day with new slipper and beautiful cards