Thursday, January 16, 2014

52/52 - The End

Wow, I can't believe it's been a year since I started this photo challenge and here we are already at the end!  I've had a good time and it definitely kept the blog ticking over, without the weekly updates this blog would have been in a very sad state indeed.  That said I am not sure what to do this new year, another photo challenge, take the blog in a different direction, focus more on the children again? At the moment I am very undecided...

But all that aside, here is my very last photo for the weekly photo challenge I set myself...and this one was a collaboration with my lovely husband :)

Monday, January 6, 2014

So...Catching Up

There has been a lot happening over the last few weeks and the blog took a backseat for a bit, but I've finally had a chance to upload all my photos and catch up a bit, so here's some of what's been going on.

We lost a little girl who happened to be fast asleep behind a closed cupboard door (and her mother's heart nearly stopped beating for several minutes before she was located)
 Chickens outside my backdoor where they are fond of gathering and pooping right where the children can step in it before entering the house.
 We did a tree planting ceremony for each child

 The children decorated the Christmas tree and did a fantastic job
 My Christmas Angel :)
 And then the visitors started arriving, friends and family, and before we knew it it was the big day

We picnicked at the Karkloof falls, swam in the river and caught up with an old friend who was visiting from Dubai.
 My beautiful boy

 We celebrated some birthdays, and a special person invited us to Highover to spend the day with her.
 We came across some Impala on our walk
 And lots of termite hills - the children specifically asked for a photo of this one
The river was raging with all the rain we've had recently

 They have the loveliest campsites, we will definitely be back!
Then it was time for another birthday, my special boy's!

 We fingerpainted

 And body painted and swam and played
The children baked and decorated a cake, and it was time for candles...but not time for singing
 Showing how old he is!
 And finally we went to our local pub for a pizza dinner and the children had fun playing with the dogs there.
And that's all for now folks :)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

50/52 - Chocolate Birthday Cake

The birthday boy asked if he could bake and decorate his own cake...with the help of his sister...and they did a superb job in my opinion!