Friday, December 4, 2015

So...A boy learns to ride his bike

Our eldest has had a pedal bike for several years already but has had no interest in learning how to use until a recent visit from friends whose son had just learn to ride his bike  After they left he asked if he could try, so we dusted his bike off and headed out into the garden.  He tried once or twice with Dad's help but it was a sweltering hot day and we retreated to the house very quickly.  He spent a little time balancing on the bike on our patio and in the late afternoon when it was cooling down we headed out to the easier ground in our field to try again.  I had to stop for a moment and by the time I caught up to them 5 minutes later he was already off and away.  Just goes to show that if you wait until they are ready they can easily master things :)

 Help from Dad
 Ready to head off to the field
We were greeted with this sight
 More spectators
 He asked for some photos with me afterwards

Thursday, December 3, 2015

So...Farm Life 4

We found a pigeon squab which had fallen from the nest
 The parents were still very attentive and it lived on top of the trampoline for a few days
 Feeding time
 One day it was gone, it had been doing small flights so we hope it is living happily among our trees now.

Artichoke harvest
 Ready to eat
 We fished this amazing bug out of the pool, a golden tortoise beetle!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


It's been nice and windy lately, perfect for flying a kite.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

So...Farm Life 3

Opa is busy renovating the veggie garden so I took these before he started a few weeks back.  Amazing how things grow, the garden already looks so different.

 Pumpkin patch
 Outside view of the enclosed garden
 Lettuces and spring onions
Bush beans
 Carrots and spinach
 Runner beans

 And I love the ferns which grow here and there