Friday, March 28, 2014

So...Bits from March

The month has come and is almost gone again before I knew it!  We've had visitors, popped away for a short break, painted rooms and just bubbled on with the usual ins and outs of daily are a few snaps of what we've been up to!

Making sure everyone keeps clean
 I love this photo, they asked me to take it
 Pink teddies were gifted
 Going for a walk

The pumpkin patch

 The veggie garden
 Someone regularly reads to the puppies
 Keeping busy
 We had a quick break at the beach

 Opa brought us a baby slug eater he found in the garden
And we're enjoying having our cousins around to play with

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So...The Terrific Twos

Finally it was the little one's turn to celebrate his birthday and open presents after having patiently watched all his siblings celebrate theirs.  Initially he was slightly unsure but as soon as he realised it was indeed HIS birthday we were celebrating his delight was clear and we had beautiful smiles all day long!

We had a pre birthday unwrapping session when the grandparents visited a few days earlier

 Trying on his soft new jacket
 Looking suspicious...whose present is this really?
It's for me?
 The packaging got some excited attention for a while
 But finally he found what it was protecting, his own bike!
 His sister helped him with his new sticker book
 We had some water fun
And when the cupcakes arrived he was overjoyed!

Friday, March 7, 2014

So...Boundless & Infinite

Raising children is fraught with doubts, from whether to use a dummy, to when the right time to potty train is and everything else under the sun.  I'm sure those doubts also extend to every parents decisions around their child's education and I am no different, we all want "the best" for our offspring.
It is hard not to wonder if you are doing the right thing some days.

But then I discover the word "HOT" written in the beach sand by a child who refuses to sing the alphabet song or put pen to paper.

A few days later I have a conversation where the word "catacombs" comes up and he not only knows the word but can explain what they are, even though I can't recall ever mentioning or reading that word to him at any point in his life.

Another day I find him at the dining room table with  box of meccano, following the instructions perfectly without any help from anyone else.

And I realise he has to be learning how to do these things is just in his own time and way.

Then I remember what I really want for my children.