Friday, March 7, 2014

So...Boundless & Infinite

Raising children is fraught with doubts, from whether to use a dummy, to when the right time to potty train is and everything else under the sun.  I'm sure those doubts also extend to every parents decisions around their child's education and I am no different, we all want "the best" for our offspring.
It is hard not to wonder if you are doing the right thing some days.

But then I discover the word "HOT" written in the beach sand by a child who refuses to sing the alphabet song or put pen to paper.

A few days later I have a conversation where the word "catacombs" comes up and he not only knows the word but can explain what they are, even though I can't recall ever mentioning or reading that word to him at any point in his life.

Another day I find him at the dining room table with  box of meccano, following the instructions perfectly without any help from anyone else.

And I realise he has to be learning how to do these things is just in his own time and way.

Then I remember what I really want for my children.

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