Tuesday, September 30, 2014

So...Growth & Change

Seems it is the season of growth and change around us at the moment.  In the last few days we finally received some much anticipated rain and the plants are all showing their approval.  Our baby chicks are not so baby any more and our newborn has turned into a proper baby, the fact of which I was rudely awakened to today when I heard her crying so went to check and found her at the edge of our bed, she had turned herself sideways and crept there from the middle of the bed while she was suppose to be napping.  Looks like it's time to pull out the cot for nap time.
Our toddler potty trained himself this last week and doesn't seem half as little any more, our beautiful girl seems to be all long legs and arms these days and our eldest has lost 4 top teeth in the last week or two and still has some other wiggly ones to go. 
Some times I just want to shout SLOW DOWN!  But of course there are so many great things about it too...just ask the father person, I don't think he is feeling too sad about saying goodbye to the nappies for one of our children.  One down and one to go love ;)

Here we are trying out another gifted outfit and wearing our very first dress
 And look at this...at 8 weeks...it's ridiculous really, she should just relax and stay little for as long as possible, not be trying to creep about already.
 And here are our baby chickens looking all hen like already.  Some of these hatched the morning after our little bug was born!
 Not all are looking quite as pretty yet though, meet Beauty :)
 More trying to grow up way too fast and reach her Strawberry Bunny

 Loving her sister
 Other than that we have been enjoying swimming and Sunday lunches, we recently made a crispy duck with chinese pancakes from scratch and were pretty chuffed with the result
 And this last weekend we were lucky enough to see much missed family members, I didn't manage to snap any pics of the other two but got these of Ugly Monkey and Aunty Silly :p

 And here are the children playing hopscotch while I was preparing lunch

Monday, September 22, 2014

So..Spring is in the air!

The last month (or more) has seen us busy with different visitors and welcoming in Spring.  We've had very cold days with snow just around the corner from us in the Underburg, only to a week later have children in the swimming pool because of the heat.  Our littlest is growing far too fast and the older ones are constantly changing too, and the same goes for all our baby chicks.

Ice cream in the sunshine
 Our hen Squeaky sitting on her eggs just by our back door.
 Opa sorted out our issues with standing on scattered lego and made us this wonderful storage unit.
 Our little bug enjoying the warm sun with a knight...
 ...and a fairy
There are always willing arms to hold our little bug

 And cuddle her in the mornings
 I managed to knit a little pair of balloon pants for her
A friend sent the sweetest knitted vest with  matching hairband and dummy holder
 She's gotten tons of kisses from Mom
 I see you!
 Keeping their little sister company
 Inspired by the vest we received I knitted one for another special little girl who was recently born.
And sleeping baby eye candy <3

 Someone is also keen to get ahead with tummy time, this was a few weeks ago already, you should see her now!
 Snuggles with a tired looking Mommy
We've been getting chatty and having lots of conversations

 And of course lots of smiles
 The older ones have been busy making various soups and stews in the garden
 I even managed to catch a nap one day
 The big children had friends for a sleepover
 And much fun was had catching baby chicks
 Of course there has been plenty dressing up still, apparently this was a spy get up.

Some good friends visited with their son

 And they gifted us the sweetest clothes including these little jeans

 Bear is rapidly losing his front teeth
 Even the little one is getting better at catching chickens
 And one of our sweet little chicks with mommy hen
I get to wake up to this squishy face every morning, how lucky am I?

So there is my quick catch up, I already have another week or two's worth of photos to upload and sort through, hopefully it won't be too long before I get around to that!