Monday, February 27, 2012

So...getting ready for another birth day!

Our house is full of the paraphernalia involved in welcoming a new little soul when waterbirth is the plan.

Both the other two were "planned" waterbirths and arrived solidly on firm land, so we wait and see what this little one has in mind...but while we wait we have all sorts of preparations on the go.

The kids and I read a lovely book called Hello Baby! by Jenni Overend

We also did something called an "undress rehearsal" where we time how long it takes to set everything up and make sure everything is working as it should...considering Evie's speedy arrival we want to make sure that we get everything done as soon as possible this time, so we made sure to do our rehearsal as soon as we picked up the pool.

The kids also enjoyed the excitement!

Checking the pool is good to go
Yip, it's all good in here Mom, you can climb in!

And cause I never get photos of me with the kids, I took advantage of the situation to get the Dad to snap a few of us.

And just a snap of the corner which will be my focal point during labour, in case we don't get one on the day :)

We're all ready to meet you our little water baby!!!

Someone turned 2!

We had a littler person turn 2 not so long ago...just ask her, she'll proudly tell you how old she is now :)

First we had a little get together with some friends at a nice little place where we could spread out a blanket, relax and play on the fun equipment.

We took along some cupcakes to share and had a lovely time, thank you to our friends who came along.
Our little 2 year old!
Then the next day was the real deal and we got to open a whole bunch of presents, and our birthday girl wasn't the only excited one!
Showing mom what we got
I wonder what's in this one?
Oh yay, the latest Studio Ghibli movie!!!

And this one looks like...
...a pretty dress for Bella!

Oooh, here's a big one...

Unwrapping presents is hard work!

It's a kitchen!

A book - my favourite!

Time for cake and singing
...and blooooooow!
Yummy cake
And a present from The Aunt!
Putting the new sink to good use after our tea party!