Monday, February 27, 2012

Someone turned 2!

We had a littler person turn 2 not so long ago...just ask her, she'll proudly tell you how old she is now :)

First we had a little get together with some friends at a nice little place where we could spread out a blanket, relax and play on the fun equipment.

We took along some cupcakes to share and had a lovely time, thank you to our friends who came along.
Our little 2 year old!
Then the next day was the real deal and we got to open a whole bunch of presents, and our birthday girl wasn't the only excited one!
Showing mom what we got
I wonder what's in this one?
Oh yay, the latest Studio Ghibli movie!!!

And this one looks like...
...a pretty dress for Bella!

Oooh, here's a big one...

Unwrapping presents is hard work!

It's a kitchen!

A book - my favourite!

Time for cake and singing
...and blooooooow!
Yummy cake
And a present from The Aunt!
Putting the new sink to good use after our tea party!

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