Monday, April 11, 2011

So Hello & Other Polite Things!

So why this blog & this title?

Well this is my attempt to document our journey, answer some questions, ask some more and generally just share the daily ins and outs of our homeschooling experience.

I get lots of questions that start with “So…”

The funny thing I've noticed is that with a lot of cases the person doesn't even want an answer, they are just trying to make a statement of their own :)

“So…why would you want to homeschool?”

“So…what about socialising?”

“So…what if your children want to go to school, would you let them?”

The word “so” is also used in so many other ways…it just got stuck in my head, so now here we are!

So who are we?

My husband and I are are “the Parentals” AKA as Mom & Dad

My 3 year old son has added “Bear” to his given name, so henceforth he shall be called Bear

And my 1 year old daughter has had the word bum appended to her given name by her big brother. The problem is bum isn’t a very appealing name in my opinion, so I’ll just randomly change direction here and she will be known as Evie!

So why do we homeschool?

Well that’s another whole post on it’s own, if not more, and one I’ll tackle another day.

In the meantime I will tell you it’s not for any one reason.

Mainly we homeschool because we want to, we believe it’s best for our family, and because we can!

So now what?

So now stay tuned!

I hope to be back regularly with tales of what we get up to, some musings on homeschooling and what it entails for us (it may surprise you to know it’s different for every family), and maybe even a couple pictures

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