Monday, August 22, 2011

So...More about Weapons

We've been very quiet lately, the morning sickness means I've been having to take it easy and have even been almost bed ridden some days :(
There is an end in sight though, I'm headed into my second trimester and hopefully it will start to lift from now on forwards!

In the meantime we've been doing quieter activities like reading, puzzles, brainy blocks and other similar things.
I did have a good week last week so we saw some friends and I even managed to get around to the library again let the kids chose some new books.

Bear of course managed to find a book full of robbers & guns, but as it was from the children's section and I've already decided that they are allowed to choose their own reading material he was allowed to bring it home.

As it happens it turned out to be the most wonderful book and we've read it countless times since. Because of my earlier post asking about children playing with guns/weapons I decided to share in case anyone else would like to read this to their kids.

Beaten by a Balloon by Jonathan Allen

Sam Appleby would like a sword, or a water gun like his friend Hacky Mackie, but his father and mother like peaceful things like sunflowers and ballooning and roses.
When a thief happens to comes to town though,Sam and his father outwit him with the help of a variety of items including a sunflower to a chocolate cake.
It's an amusing story that will be enjoyed by every child that ever waved a stick as a weapon, and by every parent that tried to explain why this isn't always the best of ideas.

If your library doesn't have it you can buy it here

Talking about reading a friend mentioned BOB books to me and showed me one her son is reading.
I've had a look and am considering some for us and seeing how it goes with Bear, because I'm not so sure on Teach Your Child too Read in 100 Easy Lessons anymore.

Tell me what you used to help teach your children to read, and at what age you started?


  1. Lol, the book sounds like a lot of fun. Going to go check out BOB. Can I ask why your not sure about TYCTRI100EL?

  2. The more I find out about "Teach Your Child to Read..." the less I'm certain it will suit Seth's learning style? I'm still undecided though, and may still end up getting it...just looking at some other options too!

  3. Fair enough, I've put together my 'own' sort of reading system for my daughter, her learning style really isn't all that defined yet??? So I have a number of activities that include audio, visual and kinetic, so far so good. ;)