Friday, August 10, 2012


There was big excitement around town earlier this week when a cold front came blustering through and brought along with it showers of snow...something virtually unheard of where we live!

We weren't as lucky as some who got a proper covering of the white stuff but we did get proper snowflakes that fell reasonably heavily on and off through the day...sadly not enough for any to settle though...but the children (& parentals) were excited enough and went to run around in it every time it started.

For those of you who live in snowy places these photos will probably be quite a laugh, but for us it was a novelty...20 years since the last snow fell here apparently :D

 Those barely visible white specks...yip that's the snow!
 Running around and spinning in the snow
 Examining a snowflake
A closer look
 And the freezing temperatures certainly called for comfort food, so I made a apple & berry crumble
Served hot and steamy with lashings of cream...yummy!!!

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