Thursday, March 7, 2013

7/52 - I Made It!

My kids love science experiments and I've been eyeing out a few that I've come across online, especially one for making goo/slime using clear glue and liquid starch. 
I trawled the shops for liquid starch unsuccessfully and finally settled on some powdered starch to try. I mixed a pretty strong starch solution but unfortunately our goo wasn't gooey enough.  I nearly wrote it off as a disaster when I remembered I'd seen some recipes including borax, so we mixed some up quickly and added it and!  Awesome, squishy, bouncy, sticky, stretchy, bendy goo which gave my usually touch sensitive child hours of fun.
He even got his feet stuck in and I have proof :)

I'll post the recipe we used at the end of the post for anyone interested!

So what we used:
  • bowls
  • 250ml liquid starch (I mixed about 1 tsp to a cup of water but like I said it didn't seem strong enough)
  • 250ml clear glue
  • food colouring
  • 1 tsp borax mixed with 1 cup water.

Mix your starch & glue together and divide between as many bowls as you want to make colours.
Add your food colouring (a drop or two will do) and mix.
Realise your goo ain't so gooey.
Pour in a bit of borax and mix, add more borax until you reach a desired consistency*
Put your goo on a surface that won't stain from the food colouring and play to your hearts content!

*note - the goo does seem to get firmer as it is played with, next time I will make it less firm and more slimy, but for my touch sensitive kid the firmer consistency was a great introduction, I think he would have been more reluctant to try touching it if it was slimier.