Thursday, September 26, 2013

36/52 - Facecloth & the Oil Cleansing Method

I just finished knitting a face cloth for myself using one of the pattern's I found here
I wanted it to use with my nightly facial cleansing and thought I would share my routine with you at the same time.
I use something that most people refer to as the Oil Cleansing Method, it uses oils to help clean your skin rather than a soap routine which strips the oils from it.
The idea is to have a carrier oil to which you add castor oil.  Different oils may be beneficial for different skin types, but I settled on olive oil because I had some to hand.
I'm currently using a ratio of 80% carrier oil to 20% castor oil because I don't have a particularly oily skin, but depending on your skin type you may want to add more or less (more for oilier skin, less for drier skin).
I put my mixture into a pump action bottle I repurposed (like the ones often used for hand soaps & moisturisers) and use about 2-3 squirts to clean my face.
You gently massage the oils into your face, concentrating on any trouble areas.  After a minute or two you run a facecloth under hot water, wring it out and place over your face for a few moments to open the pores (you want as hot as you can handle, but not scalding hot) and then gently wipe the oil away.  Rinse and repeat as often as necessary...I usually do it 3 times.
After this you follow your usual routine with toners & moisturisers, or you may even find you no longer require them.
I like to use a colloidal silver gel as a toner and my homemade facial oil to moisturise.
Honestly I am loving how my skin is feeling at the moment and I noticed improvements almost immediately on using this method.
There is plenty of info available on the internet regarding this method, including which oils to use and the ratios, so why not look it up and give it a go!

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