Thursday, February 13, 2014

So...The sweltering heat

It has been hot hot hot here, especially the last few days.
While we have been enjoying the pool immensely, we are also all wilting under the relentless heat a little.  You know it's bad when your 6 year old comes crying to you that he wishes we could just have a rainy day so he can feel cool again :)

All the swimming has meant the children are coming along in leaps and bounds water wise though, our little girl finally let go of the pool noodle and realised what everyone else already knew...she could already swim!  Since then she is improving every day and is loving her new found water freedom.  Our littlest has also decided that since everyone else is swimming he will give it a go too, and he now swims from the step to you and back again....he swims underwater and can't lift himself out to breathe without the step or some assistance as yet, so he needs constant supervision, but we are very proud of him and if he continues I'm sure it won't be long before he is swimming unaided too.

We have been keeping ourselves busy with all the usual every day stuff and we did a quick trip back up to our old stomping ground for a bit of work and a bit of a family birthday celebration.  We enjoyed seeing family and friends again and it was a little nostalgic driving past our old house, but when it was time to leave we were all were happy to make our way back to where our home now is.  The trip confirmed we miss the people a lot, but we are quite happy to have left the city behind us.

Today we said goodbye to 8 of our roosters (and hello to some free range chicken meat), sadly you just can't keep that many around, they fight and can hurt each other and their hens.  However we have another batch of chicks joining the remaining rooster and his hens this weekend which we look forward to.  We've also managed to find a local source of raw milk (yipppppeeeeeee), and I made my first tiny batch of cottage cheese...scrumptious!  The veggie garden is flourishing thanks to my Mom and I recently added a kombucha SCOBY to the kitchen so I'll let you know how that works out.

Between being camera lazy and the children just moving too fast I don't have many photos to share, but here are a handful.
Very serious work washing the car
 Cutting and gluing activity
 Playing with Gellibaff goo

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