Sunday, April 27, 2014

So...April's Bits & Pieces

I love the change of seasons and April has definitely seen the weather cool, the colours start changing and the light gaining that beautiful crystal quality I love.
We have had many lovely warm days but today the wind has a particularly icy chill to it that makes it hard to remember we were swimming with friends a short week ago.
We also had to say goodbye to our cousins, hello to the easter bunny and unpack all the feather duvets.  It's been so long since I last posted that trawling through the photos was no small feat, so here are the first batch with more to follow over the next few days *touch wood*

Water baby girls
A bed full of tired munchkins
 The littles made friends
 We spent a few hours at the Mud Man triathlon, spectating the way sane folk do.
 We had a lovely day at the beach

 And took all the cousins for a walk to try get a photo or two of all of them
 And then miracle of miracles...all the children together!

 There is something I love about this photo of Seth helping up his cousin
 Conquering tree stumps
And our girl insisted I take a photo of her doing this..,planking???
 We spent a day at the aquarium which is always a great treat!

 Having a snack at the dolphin show

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