Tuesday, February 24, 2015

So...What happened between

Last week we celebrated another birthday, but more on that on another post.  Between the last birthday and this one we have been keeping ourselves busy with all sorts of bit and pieces and this post is all about that!
I pickled home grown jalapenos...more than once
We completed a puzzle
 Someone joined us at the table, and soon no longer content just to watch she started joining in with the meal too!

 Photo faces!

 And pose!

 Naps were had
 I pickled our homegrown garlic, wow were they time consuming to peel!
 We've had lots of steaming hot days so it was time for a first dip in the pool for the littlest
We've had colourful visitors, this moth was large and looked like it had holes in the middle of the spots, but our research has told us they aren't holes but rather transparent windows
 The littlest enjoying time with her brothers
 I finished knitting a wool soaker only to discover it doesn't fit over those delicious rolls on my baby's thighs...oh well, hopefully it will make a nice gift for someone!
No week would be complete without dressing up

 There are always willing helpers in kitchen
 And with the help we managed to produce some delicious galettes.
Some of us have been enjoying arts and crafts
 Others magnets and shapes
 And we have a new card game which is all the rage...we are playing it daily at the moment...
 We've been eating delicious mielies, 100% GMO free, Round Up free, Monsanto free :)
 Look how very big some people are getting!
My little cloth bum showing off a nice new cover
 Bear is loving the next level of his Lego classes, all about gears and levers etc.  He requested these photo of a wind up handle he designed and a mobile phone and docking system which reminded me very much of the first mobile I came into contact with.
 We also had a teeny birthday celebration for the two biggest at a little park/zoo. We had some lovely friends join us and had a great time!

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