Thursday, June 23, 2011

So - Father's Day

We did in fact do a father's day craft last week and I was planning to blog about it on/or as close to Father's Day as possible (just not before because the Dad reads the blog)...but then The Dad got his second gift of his special day - a nice projectile vomit - and that was the beginning of an affliction visited upon most of the family. Bleh!
I'd like to say it's been fun...but it really hasn't

Anyway, we appear to be on the mend and here's our father's day craft - which was a follow on from the waxy paper mobile we did a while back.

A Stained Glass Window Frame!

So - what do we need?
Firstly, don't panic, the list looks long but it's not too complicated!
- Newspaper - lots
- An iron
- Some old teatowels
- Wax paper
- Wax crayons
- Sharpener or vegetable peeler (to make wax shavings)
- Scissors
- Pictures & letters
- Glitter
- Lollipop sticks
- Glue
- String

So - How did we use them?

Part1: The Stained Glass

First generously layer newspaper EVERYWHERE!
The take a piece of wax paper & decorate it with your pictures & letters etc. We printed some photos onto normal paper and then cut them out, and I had some alphabet stickers lying around that we used too.
Add wax crayon shavings (this time we actually used a veggie peeler to shave our crayons, it worked quite nicely)

Then apply liberal amounts of glitter (this is the best part according to Bear, who applied glitter to the whole if you've been wondering why everything is extra sparkly lately now you know).

When you're happy with your picture put another layer of wax paper over the top.
The next step is for adults - the ironing.
Heat your iron.
Put down a towel, then a nice thick wad of newspaper, then your waxpaper (move very carefully so as not to ruin the carefully arranged picture).
Cover again with newspaper and lay a tea towel or something over the top.
And you're ready to iron!
Iron until you're happy your wax paper is stuck together.

Part 2 - The Window!

Use wood glue to stick your lollipop sticks together to create a frame.
Then decorate however you want!
We used glue and glitter - and why wouldn't we - they're the most fun 2 things ever!

Then trim your stained glass/wax paper to fit the frame and glue it to the back.

I was just going to put on a price of string when I remembered we had a couple of these sucker hook things lying around, so I took the hooks out and used them to make it easier for us to hang the frames up in a window!

Just cut your string & tie around the top 2 ends.

Then hang on a sunny window and step back to admire the finished effect!

So - What did we learn?
I'm going to keep it short and simple this time and just do a list, but if you have any questions just leave me a comment and I'll happily elaborate when I have a moment!
  • Art
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Science
  • Family History
  • Literacy
*disclaimer - this may or may not cover everything we learnt, it's just the stuff The Mom remembers*


  1. You're just so creative Tanja! I love these :-)

  2. I love this idea, thinking it would be lovely with a christmasy theme for the grandparentals at the end of the year. ;)

    I LOVE homeschooling blogs. :P