Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So - Wax Repels Water

So, what do you get if you cross Connect the Dots, with Art?
Why you get our latest lesson in Maths and Science of course!
It wasn't an intentional lesson, but it was a fun one to stumble upon, so let me show you what we did!

First I printed some Connect the Dots off for Bear, choosing a theme I know he likes "airplanes".
Please also note the shotgun he built out of his wooden workbench (the one he was so desperate for here)...which is also helpful as a pointing device!
I will add I had no hand in creating the said shotgun, but admired it greatly when he brought it to show me :)

Then we spent some time connecting the dots, following the numbers, counting as we went.

Hello Maths!

I'm hoping doing more of these dot to dots will help with number recognitions, but if not that's ok too!
We just happened to use wax crayons, they were the closest thing to hand at the time!

Once we were finished with our pictures Bear enthusiastically suggested painting them, so I pulled out his new watercolour set from the other day, and away he went!

Hello Art!

Suddenly we noticed that the wax crayon reappears through the water colour paint.
It just pushes the water away, how cool is that!!!

Hello Science!

And while we were busy Evie took advantage of her occupied brother to rummage around in the duplo box and build.
He usually comandeers any pieces she tries to use and incorporates them into his creations, which she is not allowed to touch...so this was a treat indeed for my poor girl.
She sat building for ages!

Hello Contentment!


  1. Lolololol, love the gun. :) Boys just KNOW guns! Looks like your having a ton of fun as USUAL. :) Once again thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Well done on the shotgun Teeps...creativity runs in the family I see :)

    I'm glad to see pretty little Neve got some alone time with the duplo. Big brothers have a way of taking over don't they?