Monday, January 16, 2012

So...a budding photographer?

Bear has been enjoying his new leappad and getting to grips with everything it can do.
He's even found a spot where his sister can't bug him!
We recently hooked up the leappad to the laptop and downloaded all the stuff he's been busy with and lo and behold we found all these lovely photos...well at least I think they aren't too bad at all :)

This was one of the very first ones, I love the toes in the photo :)
Dad & Evie relaxing
Dad being silly
Grumpy & Noni
Say cheese Mom!
And Dad too!

And I love this one most

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  1. His a budding photographer in the making Teeps! Isn't it awesome when you buy them a gift that they totally love? It's one of the best feelings :)