Monday, January 2, 2012

So...and then he turned 4!

Everything happens all at once in our family, we get Christmas and everyone's birthday over and done with in about the space of 6 or so weeks!

But first on the list is our Bear who turned 4 this year to our amazement and disbelief. Surely it was just the other day when he was just a squalling newborn in our arms?
He has grown beyond belief and in some ways seems so very big already, but he's still just our little baby boy!

For the most part we let him decide what he wanted to do on his birthday, and he decided some balloons were in order, so we all set about blowing some up.
Then it was time for presents
He got a really cool magnifying glass on a stand

Some more of his favourite rattlesnake egg magnets

A Lectron Junior (which has been a big hit)

But the big gift of the day was his Leappad!

Dad showed him the basics

And that was about all he did for the rest of the day :)

A little mischief helped me bake a cake...or should I say helped eat all the cake batter and icing.

And she used the time while her brother was preoccupied to check out some of his presents in peace. First she set off to find a bug...

Aha, got one!
Taking a good long look

Then we put the cake together, I started baking with no real ideas beside instruction from Bear that he wanted a chocolate cake and he likes pirates...aye aye Captain! I finally ended up with it looking like this

And once the icing and finishing touches had been done!

Bear seemed pleased so that was good enough for me :)

However while we were singing happy birthday someone demanded that we put a stop to the racket!

Can you say flashback? Here we are a year ago being told the same

Unfortunately some people get really upset by out of tune singing...sorry my beautiful boy!


  1. I can't believe Seth is 4 already - wow, time flies, but it looks like he had an awesome time, and well done on the cake!!!

    Happy Belated Birthday big boy!

  2. I loved reading about his special day Teeps. I can't believe how much his hair has grown in a year...he definitely pulls off that surfer boy look so well.

    What great pics and I had to giggle at Seth stopping you guys from singing. He is such a character :)