Friday, December 30, 2011


Finally it was time...the tree was ready!
Someone polished off the milk & biscuits, and a juicy carrot was nibbled...
...and in return left behind a whole pile of presents!
Children bounced up and down in excitement...quite literally
Names on packages were checked out and tea was drunk.
And then it was time to start handing them out!
Paper was ripped
And toys were liberated from their boxes

There were small ones,

And big ones

Ones to hug

And ones to ask a million questions about!

There were ones we wondered why we got

Until we saw there were others with the same so we could have a whole battle!

And after all that we did it all again when our guests arrived

And more interesting things popped out

And we ate and swam and drank and swam and ate some more
And then we just enjoyed the company and the good weather

Enjoying the shady trees outside

While others were challenged to gun fights

And it was good!

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