Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holidays & Visitors

We know we've been very quiet over here for a while now, but between the end of year rush, busy season for my business, overseas visitors and a holiday there just hasn't been any time to update the poor old blog for a while.

Hopefully things will improve from here on out, but in the mean time here's some photos form our holidays!

My brother and his family visited us from the UK which was very exciting for the kids and it was so lovely to spend time with them all. They were up in Joburg with us for a week and then set off to visit other family members and we eventually all met up down on the South Coast. Turned out that my whole family was together for a few days which was so lovely, and who knows when it will happen again?

Hands full at all?
Guess whose the naughty one?
The lovely T

My Bear!
Rock jumping is fun!
Daddy's little girl
At the aquarium
Hi Mom!
Checking out the ray tank
Crawling around the tanks
Look at all the fish!
Playing Chess
It's hard to move a piece that's nearly as big as you!
Got you!
Headed back from a swim
Warming up
Yup, Daddy's little girl again, it's becoming a running theme :)
On the hunt in the rock pools
Back home and snuggling in our cot after a nap again
It's always nice to get back home!

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  1. What fantastic holiday pics Tanja! You really do have a gorgeous family :)