Friday, October 14, 2011

Things I Know

  • Despite the mistaken concern of complete strangers who feel it's necessary to point this out to me...I KNOW my son has long hair
  • I also know it's probably hanging in his eyes...we have sent approximately 10 zillion clips into the black hole where hairclips, odd socks and all our house hold pens collect.
  • I also know this fact does not make him a girl, or make him look like one either.
  • I know that most people don't understand why we could possible want a boy child with long hair, but what they don't know is that it's his choice.
  • I also know it's not popular to let your children choose things for themselves, but hey, we've tried to cut it and we prefer not to traumatise our children, and even more so we prefer not to traumatise ourselves. Also we unschool so it follows that we let our children make some (ok a lot) of their own choices.
Well now we got that out the way, just look at my kids, I know they are gorgeous and I know they have the best imaginations, they turn this chair into all manner of things every day!!!
Back to things I know after that short interlude:

  • I know I'm really busy with work at the moment and this week has been a bit of a write off when it comes to the kids.
  • As I sit hunched over my work bench contemplating unschooling while working away, I also know that a lot of the work I'm doing is headed towards teachers across our country, destined as end of year gifts & graduation presents etc...the irony of this has not passed me by.
  • I know that the baby in my belly is fine, and got the say so from all the medical professionals too...always nice to know :)
What I DON'T KNOW is what it's like to be adopted, and meeting a biological parent for the first time, who is also deathly ill. And all my thoughts are with my little brother at the

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  1. Loving your photos, My oldest son had long hair when he was little. Cute.

    I don't know what its like to be adopted or to meet a biological parent either, my thoughts are also with your little brother. x

  2. your son looks super cool with his long hair.

  3. Such cute photos! My boys have had shaggy long hair at many points in time :-) My thoughts are with your brother!

  4. My boy is almost 10 and firmly of the long hair persuasion. I have cut it every year for summer, and every year he grows it back and resists me cutting it shorter than his shoulders. He gets irritated when people think he's a girl simply because he has long hair, but it mustn't bother him too much because he still loves it long!
    I think little boys with long hair are gorgeous :)

  5. I want to grow my son's hair longer. I think it looks very cool.

  6. ahah!!!!!now I know where our 10 zillion clips,odd socks and all our house hold pens collect!!!they are all off together having a great ole time!!!!

  7. wow! lots happening. Best wishes to your brother as well.

  8. If you did happen to cut his hair they would probably tell you it was too short. Just do whats happy for you as people always have their opinions. My son wears odd socks. It's his choice, yet people can't understand it. I figure, who is he hurting by doing so? No one right?

  9. My middle daughter had short short hair for a while I got it pointed out to me all the time that she had a "boy" haircut. *sigh*

  10. I love Seths hair! If I had a time machine I would turn the clock back and grow Ethan's hair when he was smaller and there were no school rules against it.

    If Seth is cool with it and you guys are cool with. Then everyone elses opinion doesn't really matter :)