Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sci Bono

We had a great week the other day with friends who organised a couple outings. We couldn't join in everything but we were very excited to make it to the picnic & swimming at a local public pool, and we were there like fred bear when we heard about their planned outing to our local science museum.

I'd been aware of Sci Bono for a while but my two are still quite young and I wasn't sure how age appropriate it would be as no one I knew had been there and could let me know what it was like.

Turns out I was worried for nothing, even the youngest of us who attended had a blast and they were a mere 8 and 12 months. We will be back, that's for sure!

I managed to get a few snaps of what we got up to, but it by no ways covers everything available there. There was so much to do the kids didn't know which way to turn next...and there were big tears from both of mine when we eventually did have to leave, it was only the promise of a Happy Meal which saved the day at that point (I know, I know, our secret is out, we buy McD's *blush*)

Anyway here we are at the electrical section checking out some videos and touch screen games
Connecting circuits and powering up to turn on lights

Connecting more circuits
One with water
At the bottom of the black hole eagerly anticipating the emergence of the ball we flung down it!
In the lego & duplo sections
Much concentration!
Building, building, building
And on to building on the construction site
All ready to work!

Also it was a nice cost effective outing because kids under 6 are free, so it was only the R20 adult fee for me we had to pay.
We will definitely be back, thinking of making it a monthly outing in fact!


  1. That looks like great fun!
    I must put it on my list for Ethan. He would love something like this :)

  2. I wish it wasn't so far for us...I think the boys and Skye would LOVE it!