Friday, September 30, 2011

Things I Know

So things I know this week!

- The day you arrange a picnic for will be the ONLY day so far of the warmer season that isn't nice & sunny...sigh

- Boxes will always make the best toys, they can be anything. For instance all you adults may not see this cause you lost that special magic years ago, but this is in fact a pirate ship captained by one fearless Captain Bear, and that's the jolly roger waving merrily on high.

- Once you have kids they will take over everything, including that special accent wall you had know the one with the jumble of antique frames & funky photos...the one your guests would comment on at the long dinner parties you hosted. Ja well, it doesn't matter too much anyway cause who has the energy to cook a meal with more than 1 course consisting of acceptable child friendly food. So now there are no more dinner parties, and if you have guests they have to make do with takeaway pizzas, crumbed covered couches and commenting on your spawn's latest work of art applied directly to the wall in ball point pen!

- Your children will always waituntil you're in the middle of cooking dinner before sustaining grievous bodily harm and requiring urgent medical attention (also know as kisses and cuddles better)

- Little heads are remarkable tough and form the most amazing horn like structures when they've been rammed into table corners!

Once you have a calendar & weather board you will carefully have to watch the weather and change the board accordingly...wait is that a cloud passing by the sun?
Quick run you need to update it to cloudy NOW...oh wait, it's passed again, back to sunny days...or was that a breeze I felt?

(BTW - The board is from Edukits and a huge hit with my kids)

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  1. wow that is an impressive bump... and yeah my kids always hurt themselves or break something right in the middle of dinner prep... even when I think I am smart and making dinner at lunch time!

  2. ouch!!!! Poor little mite, mine is sporting a black eye at the moment...hope it heals quickly for her

  3. Ouch the head looks sore. Ahhhhhhhh long dinner parties, how I miss those. :)

  4. I've decided against hosting pool parties on the weekend because it seems to be an invite to the rain gods when I do :) From now on impromptu "last minute" invites will have to do if it's a clear day!

    I still love those bean bags you made for your two.

  5. love this post and your creative weather board! That owie looks VERY owie. We've had our fair share here and they never cease to freak me out somewhat :) I'm looking forward to your hosting the SACHS blog carnival this week! I've sent you a couple of mails, but I'm wondering if you've been getting them. Please drop me a mail in case I've got your email all wrong! Thx!