Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So...Things I Know

Things I know this week:

- Blue & yellow make green

- And now I know Bear knows this too (see attached pics of proof)

- A week flies by far too quickly.

- You can get a tummy ache from having to much fun. I was informed this by Bear after a play date which he apparently enjoyed a little too much :)

- While the week flies by, the occasional day feels like a year and at a certain point in the late afternoon/early evening you may even think time has frozen and you won't all make it through to the next day alive!

- I'm grateful we all lived to see the next day :)

- Toddlers make good teachers, Bear is teaching Evie LOTS of words with the utmost patience, and she is spouting them at alarming rate.

- It is true that you push your first one eagerly through all the milestones, but with the second one you just wish they would stay a baby just a little longer.

- You may even shed a secret tear or two because your baby is getting so big.

- Dad's are awesome and can do all sorts of things you can't. On that note I cant wait to get the storage my Dad has agreed to make for our playroom, it's going to be awesome and satisfy my craving for ORGANISATION!

- Old fishing nets make good hats (more pics attached as proof)

And there is one thing I don't know.
Can Bear read? Today he picked up one of the BOB books we have never read before and told me what the title was "Are You Ready?" and for the next one he he said it was called the "mankeen"...the title was "The Guessing Machine"
But when I asked him again and any other words he didn't seem to know?
Perhaps it was a coincidence?


  1. I know that every time my youngest reaches a milestone I'm a little sad! And she's done them all so fast.

  2. I hear ya on wishing they would stay a baby. :( My youngest will be three, she is counting, identifying numbers, etc, all due to her older siblings, but I just want her to stay my sweet little squishy a little longer. :)

    It's so bittersweet watching them grow up. :)