Saturday, December 24, 2011

So...early Christmas Presents!

At this time of year there is so much spoiling going on, and we got started's not even Christmas yet and we've all already been spoilt!

The Aunt popped by a few days ago to say goodbye as she was on her way to the far off Cape for Christmas, and to Evie & Bear's delight she came bearing gifts!

Evie in her tutu and bracelets
Look at my bracelets Mom!Bear putting together his playmobil secret agent car
Evie coming to see what everyone else is up to
Thank you Auntie, the gifts are much loved, especially the gift ever apparently, complete with shooting missiles!

And then The Parentals got their Christmas present for the next 5 years or'll probably be that long before we're able to afford gifts for each other again :P
Yesterday we picked up our new we can all fit with a couple seats spare :D

The front
The Side
The bus driver
The passenger seats
Evie demonstrating there is plenty of boot space
And yes, the name is very apt for The Mom...she took it as a sign she was meant to drive this bus...
...seeing as this was her online ID for some time earlier this year
Bring on the road trips!!!

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  1. Love your new car Tanja! It's going to make for some memorable car trips :)