Wednesday, April 25, 2012


 So I haven't had much luck with posting lots of photos of our latest family member, our little #Bang.  Between just being generally busy and the PC losing a whole bunch of photos I was busy with for uploading (yes, there was swearing involved), it turns out I haven't really shared many photos over the last few weeks, here's some from when he was about 3 weeks to about 6 weeks)

 Brothers checking each other out
 Baby bear feet!

 Profile pic!
 Enjoying his beanbag
6 weeks

All in all our little #Bang is the sweetest little guy and is much loved by all...and maybe just a little too much by Evie, who needs reminding not to love him to death :)
He's smiling beautifully, chatting up a storm and just enjoying watching what everyone gets up to.
We have the occasional moan about tummy cramps, to which Evie responds "Ag shame my boy" lol...but since our visit to our Osteo this last week things are much improved again and we're all sleeping much better again!

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