Sunday, April 15, 2012

So...Maropeng and buried things

So Dad managed a nice amount of time off work for paternity leave and we decided to put it to good use and do a couple outings we've been wanting to do.
The camera didn't accompany us on all of fact The Mom & baby didn't even make it too all, so we didn't document each one, but we did manage to get some snaps on our outing to Maropeng!

If I'm honest the outing didn't blow us away, and I'm not sure how suitable it is for young children...especially sensitive the boat ride in and light bridge are all very loud and overwhelming...but despite that we made it in with some little hands tightly clenched in ours and then the kids quite seemed to enjoy it.

At the entrance
Trying to get the pictures in the right order at one of the displays
Skulls & jaws...not creepy at all!
What would have been a lovely pic of Evie & The Dad...sadly the flash didn't work though and by the time it did Evie had moved on :(

Checking out the fake fire
Feeling various fossils
Eating snacks outside
Our beautiful babies

and of course our new addition accompanied us in the sling but had no photos taken. Instead I have these to share of him and his big sister giving him some love.

He's so little Mom!
I love him lots and lots
Oh dear, not crying again!!!

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