Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So...A Little Internetlessness

The same day as my last blog post a stroke of luck lightening hit our modem and that, as they say, was that...
Being the weekend before Christmas, not a lot was happening, so we had to wait for all the Christmas festivities to pass, and then the New Years ones, and then when we finally had ordered and paid for the modem the supplier delayed shipping to us several times for various reasons.
Which means we were virtually internetless for nearly a month!
And I have a new appreciation for our ADSL and a new loathing for 3g, seriously, how does anyone manage with 3g?

Well it was really nice to have a break, but it's also nice to have it back! And now playing catch up, here are some of our Christmas snaps!


  1. My modem got hit by lightening the weekend before Christmas as well. Though I got mine replaced about a week ago, it was still a long time without a decent connection!

    1. What a coincidence!
      It's a good time of year for it to happen I guess, but towards the end it felt a little too long :)