Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So...the week that was

 It has been a tiring few weeks for us, in fact it has been over a month since I personally had a single decent nights rest.  Unfortunately the rest of the family have all been afflicted with the most awful cough and it's been keeping everyone up at night, and just as one person seems to get better another person starts.

We're hoping though that it is finally on it's way out and that we'll be getting some rest soon.
On the plus side I seem to have escaped thus far, and it hasn't affected everyone badly besides our littlest, so everyone else has still been bubbling along fine in the day, and at least our baby is better now!  I've barely had time to use my camera lately but here are just a few snaps I did manage over the last week.

 She put this outfit together herself and I thought it looked fabulous so I had to snap a pic.  What do you think, pretty stylish no?

And the littlest doing his current favourite which is stretching his arms up to the sky.  Very cute!  And look you can see how skinny his little legs are.  He's never been the biggest baby and when he was sick the last few weeks he did lose the little bit of chubbiness he did have...but we're working hard at putting it back on as you can see!
Evie's boots are Poco Nido
#Bang's stripey vest is Earth Child but is no longer in season


  1. Look how big he's getting. And those blue eyes, my word! Gorgeous. Love Evie's little outfit :) So stylish!