Wednesday, May 1, 2013

So...May Day

No not the call for help, the actual day :)

The winds of change are blowing, so after some cheese muffins it really was high time to take the scissors to my little big girl for her first haircut. 
Although it was sad to say goodbye to her original baby curls, it was time to cut off the thin scraggly ends and we're hoping it will also make the brushing so much easier now the tangly bits are gone.

I think she looks beautiful :)

 At first she wouldn't stop munching for a photo
 But after some attitude
 Finally a shot
 And just one more
 And my little big girl did a portrait of Mom and Dad including our brains (yes, my children draw people with brains) which I love.  Take a guess who is who...I'll give you a clue - only one of us has a beard and it's not me!

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