Thursday, June 27, 2013

23/52 - Preserved Lemons

I was reflecting on this photo challenge earlier today as I was arm deep in various lemony things (which I'll try share over the next few weeks), and I realised that I'm really enjoying it because it is motivating me to do things rather than just think about them.  It's also helping us along the way to achieving some of the things we feel are important like making good healthy food from home grown produce, wasting less, being thrifty etc etc etc.  Of course not all the posts are around these specific things, but in general this challenge is helping to make me more conscious of them.

On that note here are some of the lemons from our home grown lemon tree that I preserved the other day.  Although I've often seen and read about preserved lemons I have never actually used any myself.  These ones should be ready to use in another week or so and I have a recipe waiting in the wings to try them out, but I'd love to hear if any of you use preserved lemons and what you use them in, so please do share!

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