Friday, June 28, 2013

So...Lopping off the Locks

After a couple months of talking about it, telling me "Are you crazy, I'll freeze to death, don't you know it's winter!" and musing it over, our eldest finally decided it was time to cut his hair...I think the tangles were getting us both down.
And then of course Murphy showed up, literally an hour or two later (or so it seemed), in the form of chickenpox and put a halt to that idea.  We weren't even allowed to think of touching his hair until all the the scabs had completely disappeared.
So the other morning when he finally said he was ready I wasted no time in getting right down to cutting it.

Being no hairdresser myself, and having a particularly sensitive client to work on, it was challenging to get a uniform type look. But considering I had to work at lightening speed on someone who shrieked and jerked away from the scissors constantly, I think it's almost a miracle we didn't have to shave it afterwards.
And before you even suggest it...a professional hairdresser is currently not an option we're allowed :)
After the cut he seemed to let loose and was completely buoyant for the rest of the day.  Although he  refused to look in the mirror for several days...apparently seeing how his shadow looked was enough for him and it took a few days and lots of compliments from all the important people in his life to work up the courage to have a peek in the mirror.

Anyway, here he is a few moments after finishing the cut, refusing to look at me but looking remarkably pleased considering the shrieking that had been occurring moments before.
And then somehow his sister managed to convince him to carry her around until I stopped trying to take photos.

As much as I love him with long hair, it is nice to see his face again and the pure fact that I no longer have to attempt to brush the tangles out of the longer hair totally makes up for any momentary pangs I have about him cutting it :)

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