Wednesday, August 28, 2013

So...losing the first tooth

A week or so ago Bear complained his teeth felt funny while he was eating an apple, I thought maybe he had got some apple skin stuck between them or something so had a look and lo and behold he had his very first wobbly tooth.

Then on Monday this week I happened to pop out to a book sale and when I returned I was greeted with tooth in hand, it had come out easy as pie while he was wrestling his blanket lol.

I have to admit being pretty unprepared, I thought it would be a few years still before teeth started falling out, and that once the tooth was wobbly it would take a bit longer to actually fall out.

But here we were with a tooth and no clear idea what to do to celebrate, would we use the tooth fairy, the tooth mouse, or was that perpetuating a myth and lying to our children?  Yes these kind of things concern me.
So we asked Bear, and he told us that the tooth fairy had to come and collect his tooth, but if she was busy she could send a mouse.
So that was that and the tooth fairy stopped by later that night, taking with her one little tooth and leaving behind a trail of footprints & fairy dust, a small pile of coins, a note, and one very happy little boy :)

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