Wednesday, January 7, 2015

So...Bits and Bobs

Just a few random photos taken over the last little while...

Evie playing dress up with her pup
 He wasn't phased at all and loved the attention
 I found this lovely old slow cooker crock pot while we were on holiday.  I've never used a slow cooker before so it's been fun trying it out, our bone broth, stew and chicken in it have all turned out delicious...I can see us using it a lot in winter!
 We visited with friends at the Botanical Gardens
 The tree whose shade we were sitting under had the most amazing coloured bark.
 Story time with some visitors
 A smile from my little bug
Pretty cloth bum...the nappy was a much appreciated gift from a friend.
 A yummy meal mainly from the garden, with the exception of the meat
Enjoying a splash in the hot weather

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  1. I have been meaning to visit your blog for ages now (Finally I am here) - what lovely photo's