Sunday, January 4, 2015

So...Flowers in the Garden

I've been snapping a few pictures around the garden recently because there have been so many beautiful flowers.  The camera just can't do them justice but here is a small bit of what is around.

 And all of this was harvested from the veggie garden for a meal I was preparing
 We have such beautiful rainbows here if we have late afternoon showers, I wish I had the right lenses to capture them properly.  This was a full double rainbow, both of them meeting the ground on both sides.
 We have the sweetest little tree frogs around, this one spent a day on the kitchen window which let us examine it's fingers, toes and belly closely
 And in other news we are renovating a little guest cottage, so far it has gotten new ceiling and light fixtures and some licks of paint, next up is plumbing in the shower, sink, kitchen sink and some tiling and hopefully we will be able to welcome visitors shortly!