Friday, July 15, 2011

So...Brainy Blocks

This week we've had our Brainy Blocks out again, it's been a little while and Bear asked for them so out they came.

For a day or two though he kept claiming he couldn't do them (I have no idea why) and instead of attempting any himself just wanted to watch me doing them. I did one or two but the moment I said he should have a go he packed it away and said he was done.

Frustrating to say the least...but I'm trying hard to be patient and let him do things in his own time. I have to, I couldn't force him to if I wanted, there's a reason one of his other nicknames is Stubs!

Anyway, day 3 dawned and suddenly he was ready!

Bear busy putting the right shapes in place all by himself
With a small hand or 2 from Mom it was soon done!

Brainy blocks are great for learning different shapes, and also problem solving...with this rocket we had used up all our big triangles but there was still place for one more. I asked how we could make another triangle...Bear got the answer straight away, with the little triangles!

They're also great for fine motor skills, getting the blocks in place without knocking the others out the way takes some patience & skill!
And then I just had to share. I've been dying to get the kids a play tent, but just haven't find the right one at the right price. Then this week a moment of inspiration while drying some washing...put a sheet over one of drying racks and you have a nice big tent!
The kids had fun playing in it and running through it like maniacs for a while
Agent Bear coming at ya!


  1. We have brainy blocks too and they were a huge hit with Ethan and I recently introduced them to Zoe too. I found them in a bag my mom was going to donate to the Sunday school many years ago and decided to keep them for my future kids...I'm glad I did :)

    Very cool tent!

  2. Hey Tanya! Firstly, thanks for following my blog-nice to have other moms around to share the journey with! Secondly, I just wanted to say what Bear did with the Brainy blocks is just what M does-i think it has a lot to do with they have to see it done to learn how to do it. And also it's a planning skill too-a big skill for a 3 year old! So he did a great job and you did too, by patiently showing him and encouraging him to problem solve! :-)

  3. I was so silly with our brainy blocks, I actually went and bought some only to discover I had my childhood set in the top of the kids cupboard already! Oh well, at least there's a set for each of them now!

    Thanks Nikki, it's great to hear from others what their kids are up to and how similar they can sometimes be, it's encouraging to know we're not headed completely in the wrong direction :D

  4. We also have brainy blocks. My older two like to play with them every so often. Also go through spruts of loving it and then hating it. ;)

    Love the tent, our lot take every available blanket and use it on their jungle gym. :)