Monday, June 4, 2012

So...Joining in!

Our littlest person is growing at a fast rate and already joining in with everyone else.  Just this last week he joined us all with a lovely head cold and couldn't be put down for 4 days straight without his nose completely blocking up and ensuing yelling following.  Poor little guy, the good news is that it never got any worse than a blocked nose and he's well on the up and up...bad news is mom feels old after nights spent trying to sleep upright on the couch :)

Sleeping sitting up on the couch so we can breathe.

But when he's not feeling too poorly he already enjoys sitting with the older two and getting books read to him.

And at dinner time he gets most upset if he isn't sitting at the table with us, so we manage with a little improvisation.

Finally at night when the older two are in bed he can get a little bit of tummy time in without being squashed to death.  And our other family member appears to also approve of the latest addition and likes to join him in the cozy spot in front of the fire, rub up against him, give him head buts and lots of purrs

11 short weeks and it already feels like things were never any different :)
Isn't our ability to adapt amazing, and our capacity for more love breathtaking!!!


  1. Congratulation on your new addition! What a cute family :)

    I had nights spent upright on the couch too :) Hope everyone's well now xxx

  2. Thanks Sara, we all recovered from our head colds thank goodness!