Tuesday, June 19, 2012

So...making memories on the play mat!

 So #Bang is starting to hang out on the playmat, or at least as much as he can before his brother and sister squish him.

This blanket/play mat holds many dear memories.  It started life as a wall hanging my mom made for me when I was a baby, and when I had Bear she passed it back to me, but instead of keeping it as a wall hanging she put some nice padding and a backing to it so I could use it as a blanket/play mat instead.  All 3 of my babies have spent happy hours learning to turnover, sit and crawl on this mat, and it's in many of our photos.  Now it's #Bang's turn!

And we also recetly had his caul framed, he framer did a lovely job and it's turned out quite interesting, although hard to photograph due to the transparency of it.


  1. I love pass me down's especially when they are just as lovely as they were all those years ago. It's an awesome mat Teeps and little Asher is getting so big already :)

  2. Handmade stuff is just so nice, I appreciate it so much more these days too now I know what goes into it :)