Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So...snack time

I've decided snack time has to become more of a permanent fixture in our house, because the almost constant requests for "something" to eat were driving the Dad and me to distraction!
So now the kids get breakfast and a reminder that they can help themselves to certain things but there will be nothing else offered until snack time later int he morning.

So far it's actually been a wonderful success, the requests for food have diminished, kids love it and are excited to see what's on offer for the day.  Some days we bake and some days I rummage through the cupboards and fridge to find something to offer.  I am finding it a bit of a challenge to come up with new ideas so if you have any favourite snack items please let me know!

Today's snack time - a digestive, some granadilla, a dried guava roll, 2 blocks of cheese, and of course our favourite water bottles filled with our yummy filtered water.


  1. Cut up apple and cheese held together with toothpicks are always a hit in our house. So is liver pate on melba toast. Or biltong strips, peanuts, popcorn, muffins, yoghurt, pancakes?

  2. Thanks for the ideas, I like the toothpick idea to make kebabs with!