Monday, October 22, 2012

So...Beeswax on and off

I came across beeswax modelling clay the other day and was intrigued so managed to track some down locally for the children.  I've also been trying to do a bit more sensory stuff with Bear because he's quite sensitive when it comes to different textures etc.

Well it arrived and we excitedly got stuck in!  It's different from normal play dough/modelling clay but so good!  it really has a lovely feel when you are working with it!

We each chose our colours
Then we worked the beeswax to soften up and make it nice and pliable
Bear made a lion - which was stalking mine and Evie's creations
Evie made a tortoise
And I made the hungry catepillar

I can see hours of modelling ahead of us!

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