Thursday, October 11, 2012

So...Please Slow Down!

I know that you just want to walk like the rest of us.
I know that hairy toes can't be the best looking things to be on eye level with.
I know that your brother and sister disappear from time to time and you just want to see where they are.
I know you'd love to play tag, and catches, and hiding go seek.
I know you want to be a Jedi knight and wield a light saber.
I know you want to eat all those interesting things during snack time.
I know you want to shout and scream and roar and sing.
I know the laptop seems interesting and the baby toys don't do anything.
I know falling over hurts but you keep getting on up.
I know you want to climb windows and shelves and tables and stairs.

But please just slow down and be my baby for a little bit longer...

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