Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So...Snack Attack Picnic

So...what do we have for our snack this week?
It's a whole picnic!
We have wraps, strawberries, cheeses, yoghurt covered rice cakes, naartjies, dried fruit roll slices, carrot sticks and hummus.  Pudding is some jelly rings and to drink some rooibos juices.  For the littlest we have some organic rusks, blue berries and dried organic mango.
And cause I can here are some more photos from our picnic down at our local botanical gardens where we have been spending some time lately.
They have a new children's garden which my two are enjoying!
And the littlest is getting to grips with the grass
There is lots of wildlife, just this week we;ve found all manner of locusts and grasshoppers, frogs, birds, little fish and so on.
And I even found a secret hidden fairy garden

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