Thursday, July 18, 2013

26/52 - Dried Pomegranate Arils

I picked up some of these a while back in a store and fell in love, they are such a nice and tasty snack, not to mention being a nice alternative to the usual raisin/currants/cranberries etc to add into salads, mueslis, rusks, biscuits etc.  Unfortunately they are not very kind on the pocket though, so I was thinking there must be a way to make them at home.  I searched google but didn't come across anything myself so just decided to give it a go.

I begged some pomegranates from the outlaws and bought a few more.  Then I had fun learning how to deseed a pomegranate...don't you love youtube! 

 Then I visited my mother and sister who kindly let me use the dehydrator, between that and a bit of sun drying I ended up with exactly what I was looking for, perfect homemade dried promegranate arils, delicious!!!

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