Monday, July 29, 2013

So...a move in the works

We've been dreaming and working towards moving our family for a while now and finally everything seems to have come together.

We found out at the end of this week that our offer on place has been was accepted and we're moving to a little place called Beecroft Farm <3
We also signed papers for the sale of our house this last week...all the pieces are just slotting in.

So it looks like that is that, and in a few months we'll be leaving behind the only home our children have ever known, the place we held a wedding in and got married, the home I brought my first baby in to and the safe haven where I birthed and welcomed my next two children.
It's bittersweet  and we are leaving behind a lot of people and places we love, but at the same time we are following what we believe is best for our family and we can't wait to set off on our new adventure, the children are very excited and are looking forward to this next chapter of their lives!

Otherwise it just feels really weird knowing all this stuff is going to happen but not having much to do just yet...I'm really bad at waiting, so instead I'm entertaining the nostalgia and here are some snapshots from the 4 biggest moments of my life...all in this house where we live <3

I'll miss you home xxx

Ready for a wedding
 Signing all the legal stuff (whats up with this world, when the paper is more important than the people?)
 New Years Eve a few years later... the night before I went into labour with our firstborn
 Home safe and sound
Meeting our daughter in the middle of the night two years after that

And meeting our littlest in the early morning sunshine just a few blinks ago

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