Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So...some pics of the kids

I've been bad with the blogging, there always seems to be something else to do and despite my best intentions the blog gets pushed to the back of the line.
I finally got round to uploading a few pics from the last couple weeks  and I realised I've also been bad with taking photos, we've had some lovely outings and I hardly took any photos at all!  I especially regret not taking photos of our picnic at an acoustic concert we attended, it was really lovely, and we all had a great time, one of those days you wish would never end!

Here is a little of what we have been up to though!

Visiting friends and playing in their man made stream...yes, it is the middle of winter, and yes, it is has been warm enough to do this :)

 Pony rides

And while I try not force anything, I have been encouraging letter recognition and writing, so we had fun with chalk on the trampoline one afternoon

 And we've even done some workbooks

 The kids have been enjoying practising their sewing skills...even though they call it knitting because it uses wool :)

 And the littlest one loves the outdoors so much he will merrily wander outside by himself and amuse himself for significant amounts of time.  The other day I decided to follow him with the camera for a bit and soon discovered how he gets so dirty on these excursions, he has lie down in every patch of dirt he finds, cheek to the ground and a big smile!!

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  1. Gorgeous pics of gorgeous kids. Lots of fun!