Thursday, July 10, 2014

So...Baby Chicks

Earlier this week, and to much excitement, our very first chicks hatched.
They managed to time it perfectly with the first day of this cold front we're currently experiencing, and it has been the coldest this winter so far, so we were a little worried, but Mommy Hen is doing a fabulous job at keeping all her little ones toasty warm.
The first little ones hatched on Sunday morning and three days later she finally got up and let us have a proper peek at her new little ones.  We moved them over to another safe little coop for the moment and the children each carried a little one across, and Mommy Hen was very tolerant of the disruption and brief separation.  Sadly one of the chicks had issues with it's legs and passed away but as the children told us, "That's life!".
So we now have 11 little balls of fluff peeping away in the corner of the veggie garden, and we all love going to watch them whenever we can

 And what do you do on the morning you find all the water bowls and bird baths iced over? You set up a homemade jacuzzi of course, with Mom supplying top ups of warm water :)

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