Wednesday, July 30, 2014

So...Then Everything Changed Again!

On the morning of the 23rd I got up feeling a sense of urgency to prepare for this baby.  Earlier in the week I had done some nesting and sorting out but we weren't due to collect the birthing pool from our midwife until the Friday afternoon and  that morning I decided I wanted to collect earlier for my peace of mind.  I chatted to D, the midwife and my Dad, who kindly agreed to collect later that morning for me, and carried on with the day.

I'm not going to share my whole birth story now but we ended up deciding to set up for the birth, even if it was just a trial run.  After putting the children to it bed it looked like nothing was going to be happening that day after all, so we watched a movie and relaxed.  At 22:30 when the movie was done we got ready for bed.  Once I lay down I started getting some contractions, and shortly thereafter I decided to get up and into the pool.  The contractions came quickly after that and at 23:29pm our beautiful baby girl was born in the water, with D having to lift the caul over her head and off her body.  It was a beautiful, peaceful and undisturbed birth.

The last week has been a special time with all of us bonding with this precious little girl and she has been such a pleasure already, she is much loved  and we have been so blessed xxx

Setting things up

 One last bump photo
Labouring in the pool
 She's here!

 First morning

A birth day celebration!

 First sun bath and massage

 And lots and lots of love and cuddles!

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